Vacation Rental Services

For property management companies and owners who rent short and long term properties, our reservation agents can manage the entire process from enquiries to post stay.

Enquiries to booking

  • Handle inbound guest enquiries (details about the property, rental process, other questions before deciding to book)
  • Screen/qualify prospects to ensure they are a good fit for your rental property
  • Assist in closing the rental deal/booking process (if required)
  • Agreements/contracts and identification verification


  • Payment and Damage deposits
  • Follow up on balance due
  • Providing guests with check in codes
  • Late check in or when the guest needs to speak to someone
  • Set up automated email notifications for your guests
  • Handle all guest communications with the service and coverage of your choice


  • Deal with guest stay issues that come up
  • Deal with on-site cleaners, management, and security (Team)
  • Deal with security i.e. Noiseaware – be proactive and avoid the consequence of noise fines.
  • Deal with contractors at any time:  e.g.: that 2AM call because the heating isn’t working…
  • Follow up with guests to secure a positive customer review
  • Post guest stay reviews

We offer 8, 16, 24 hour coverage, text only, text and voice hybrid and dedicated (full-time) or fractionalized (part-time) reservation agent services. Pricing is based on the # of units or listing and the number of bedrooms.

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