Vacation Rental Program Pricing Calculator

Our pricing calculator allows you to customize your service package quickly and easily. We offer the following options:

Levels of Service:

Level 1:  text only (SMS & emails) from inquiries to booking reservations, including guest screening to ensure reservation quality.  This level is ideal for property managers who need help at the front end of the sales process only.

Level 2:  text and voice.  This is a complete guest management service from inquiry to booking reservations, to pre-stay, stay, and post stay survey, including guest screening to ensure reservation quality..  This level of service is ideal for property managers who want to outsource the entire guest reservation and management process, including soliciting guest reviews.

Coverage: Choose between 8, 16, or 24 hour coverage.

We offer 7 days a week, 365 days per year coverage.

Coverage selection is for all properties and units.


Pricing is based on a rentable unit, whether that is one unit in one location, or one location with multiple units or listing.   We also charge based on the number of bedrooms in each unit.

In addition, we charge a monthly account fee of $100 per month.

All pricing is in USD and is subject to change without notice.

Level SLA:   24/7/365Level 1Text OnlyInquiry to bookingLevel 2Text and VoiceInquiry to post stay
Account Fee $100/MO
Property listing*$30.00$45.00$70.0050.00$75.00$90.00
Bedroom $7.50$10.00$12.50$10.00$15.00$25.00

Pricing Calculator

Property 1

Property listing fee = $0.00

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Total fee for property 1 = $0.00

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