Our Facilities & Operations

Our site is protected by a biometric lock system and is monitored 24/7 by a CCTV loop. The footage is stored in the cloud which includes both audio and video recordings and allows us remote access to ensure our premises are safe.

Office Amenities

We provide a kitchen and pantry to the employees where they can cook simple meals and dine along with other employees. 

Sleeping Quarters are provided for employees where they can rest

Free parking is provided.

Business Continuity Planning

We employ 3 layers of internet connection, 1 main leased line and 2 backup connections.  This ensures that your employees are always connected, with minimal downtime.

We are supported by a standby generator in preparation for power outages, so rest assured that there will not be disruptions in your business operations even during inclement weather here in Bacolod.

We provide transportation assistance in cases of difficulties caused by the weather or local activities to ensure your staff can safely get home.

Data Safety and Confidentiality

All information you provide to your HireAway employees are safely stored in the cloud,   Access is controlled through level restrictions associated to individual accounts.  During the employee onboarding process, staff are trained to maintain client confidentiality.  We’ve created processes to ensure that your data is handled appropriately with safeguards in place to maintain confidentiality.

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