Our Services

HireAway offers 2 different levels of service:

1. Dedicated Staff

A dedicated staff is no different than a full time employee you would hire locally.  They represent you and work for you the same as if they were in your offices.  They are aligned with your technology stack, communications, and whatever else connects them to the job at hand.  All of this without the cost of overhead, liability, other risks, management, and hardware.

Based on our discovery with you, we will develop a scope for employment and our recruitment specialists will make recommendations for successful applicants who can meet your criteria.

2. Fractional Managed Service Packages

As a small business owner, you may not yet be ready to onboard full-time dedicated staff to help you grow your business.  That’s where HireAway’s Fractional Managed Service Package comes in.   We offer a selection of service packages that can meet your resourcing needs without the need to commit to a full-time employee.

Regardless of which resource service type you choose, HireAway’s service fees include the following:

HR Management:

  • Talent Acquisition:  position marketing, applicant intake, interviews, offer, and hire
  • Onboarding:  Provide onboarding of the employee and training for standardized roles of teams greater than 5 persons
  • Performance: Provide Quality Assurance and Productivity tools that the client can use to measure resource effectiveness and performance
  • Oversight & Check-ins
    • Weekly staff check in (Staff to Team leaders)
    • Monthly team leader check ins (HireAway operations with Team leaders)
    • Quarterly management business review with Client
    • For all matters concerning operations such as scheduling, salaries, bonuses, discipline, compliance, performance, etc. all of these are dealt with through HireAway HR and our Director of Operations

Work Environment, Security, Compliance and Team Building:

  • Onsite management of the resource
  • Desk in great working environment
  • Computer and peripheral equipment
  • Cyber security
  • Business continuity program
  • Resource community programs to build motivation and belonging

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