HireAway Effect

Cost effective

We understand the challenges of rising labour costs when trying to grow a company. HireAway will help you build a team at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. Outsourcing your team to the Philippines could result in labour savings of almost 70%. Savings can be reinvested into your business.

Virtual team building is something you may have not considered before. Using the HireAway business building approach will grow your company, increase your revenue, and at greater profits.

We are small business owners ourselves

HireAway was founded after experiencing first hand the benefits of using offshore, outsourced talent from the Philippines as a cost effective business advantage. We steadily built teams around customer service, technical support, accounting, social marketing, executive coordination, and yes – even our legal and HR departments are now fully deployed in the Philippines. 

HireAway was born on a simple premise – What works for us works for others.


Consultative Approach

At HireAway, we not only take the time to understand your business, but we want to understand your culture. As people in the business of people, we know it’s important to find the right skill sets, the right type of personality, and people who will fit in with your existing staff and customers. Building a virtual team might be new to you. Our consultative approach ensures that we are there every step of the way designing and growing to your needs, scaling as needs dictate.

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