Our Process

Client discovery

Our discovery process starts with a conversation for us to learn about the human resource needs of your business.  Often, business owners  do not realize the extent to which they can outsource otherwise costly local resources. Aside from customer service, technical support, and SDR (Sales Development Representatives), businesses can outsource accounting, media, and legal work.  Whatever the need is we will seek to understand what resources can grow your business.  In addition, we will drill down to also understand your current tech stack and operational processes so we can provide the best recommendation to help you grow your business.


The results of the discovery process will lead us to develop a scope of work or employee description which is then posted throughout our talent search network.  Each candidate goes through a series of interviews with our HR team who will determine candidate suitability.  You have the option to meet the candidate or allow us to go directly to onboarding.  Each successful candidate will receive a conditional offer of employment based on our salary/function tier

If the candidate is hired by HireAway on your behalf and does not work out within the first month, there is no cost to you.  We will replace that candidate with another more suitable candidate should you wish.

Once the resource is confirmed we will invoice you for the set up fee.   The set up fee may vary depending on your needs.   The fees are paid retroactively, so your invoice will be at the close of the month for work performed.



Your new HireAway resource will be outfitted with a computer, peripherals, a workstation at our Bacolod office or Work From Home set up.  There is an employee handbook which is explained in a seminar conducted by our HR team that details HireAway’s corporate responsibilities, accountabilities, and code of conduct relating to workplace respect, conduct, security, client confidentiality, etc.

We will work with you to develop and onboard an SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for the positions which may include your technology stack.  There is a partnership between HireAway and its clients to train and manage this process.  As teams grow we will provide leadership and appoint a team leader who will become a mentor and supervisor for the team.  

Over time, as we build the team, continuity of knowledge is established so that onboarding becomes more of a standard and happens between the client, team lead, HA resource and account management.

Ongoing management and reporting

We use a number technical controls to ensure your virtual employee is productive and performing to your expectations.  Examples include:

– Scheduling and time stamp software ensure organization and attendance

– computer auditing software using screen catch ensures that resources are focusing on the tasks regardless of where they are located

– QA can be managed with technology at the option of the client which measures resource performance

– HireAway established KPI with the client that empowers both the client and HireAwy to measure resource performance.

HireAway conducts a self imposed third party independent audit of security, employee policies, employee programming, technology, and best practices to ensure business continuity and that we are consistently delivering the highest quality service to our clients.  

Our leadership team will also meet with your clients on a quarterly basis to review performance and to ensure we are delivering to your expectations.

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