Vacation Rental Service


Focus on growing your business and let HireAway’s team of dedicated guest reservation agents help you manage your day-to-day operations. We have expertise in booking software solutions.   

Why Outsource?

  • Faster to respond means faster to book
  • This industry has high negative attrition in reservation and guest management.  Most companies only hire one or two people who can barely keep up because the cost of a domestic servicing person is not economical.  When that person leaves your whole business is in jeopardy.  It’s hard to find employees and then have to retrain in the system.  With managed service you never have to worry about this risk AND you have far more coverage at a fraction of the cost.
  • Stop doing this to yourself!  Many owners and manager are managing their own platform and dealing with reservations and guest communications for all hours of the day and night with no rest on weekends.
  • Increased guest servicing means great reviews and return visitors.  Reviews are everything in this business.  Having guest services agents available to manage reservations and guest issues means high marks for communications, introductions, and the personal guest experience.

Our service package covers the following scope of work:

Reservation Agents:

  • Handle inbound guest enquiries (details about the property, rental process, other questions before deciding to book)
  • Screen/qualify prospects to ensure they are a good fit for your rental property
  • Handle enquiries via your Guest Management Application inbox or other OTA channels you are using
  • Assist in closing the rental deal/booking process (if required)
  • Handle all communications/enquiries from booking to staying to post stay
  • Payment and Damage deposits
  • Agreements/contracts and identification verification
  • Follow up on balance due
  • Providing guests with check in codes
  • Late check in or when the guest needs to speak to someone
  • Handle text chats with guests
  • Deal with guest stay issues that come up
  • Set up automated email notifications for your guests
  • Handle all guest communications with the service and coverage of your choice
  • Follow up with guests to secure a positive customer review
  • Deal with contractors at any time:  e.g.: that 2AM call because the heating isn’t working…
  • Deal with on-site cleaners, management, and security (Team)
  • Deal with security i.e. Noiseaware be proactive and avoid the consequence of noise fines.
  • Post guest stay reviews 
    •  Reviews tell us what we are doing wrong and what might be doing right.  What we can better and all of this must be communicated and coordinated into action.


  • Manage the Owner Statement portal in Guest Management Application
  • Help you create and maintain your business models
  • Post expenses via the journal portal
  • Upload bills
  • Create month-end owner statements
  • Process vendor invoices
  • Manage payroll

Additional Tech Implementation:

HireAway’s focus is on helping our clients grow, by helping them select and implement the best combination of property management software solutions.  We’ll help you get the most out of your Guest Management Application subscription, but we also have expertise in the following:

    • guest experience
    • Noiseaware and Mu
    • OTA channels including AirBnB, VRBO, Expedia,, etc.
    • Google for Business


Our guest reservation agents can work with you 2 ways:

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